JEXMOVERS brings you the best food and beverage options right at your doorsteps. We give you the best service we can in keeping your cravings and needs by partnering with restaurants, fast food chains, grocery stores, and coffee shops.

The Perfect Comfort

Our everyday life seems to be busy and loaded with a lot of stuff and loads to hurdle. We barely find time to go to the market, to prepare our foods or go to our favorite restaurants and coffee shops in the city. Here in JexMovers, with just a few click, you can immediately get what you crave and need without going out or spending time with heavy traffic and long queues. Convenience is our top priority and we will be glad to give it to you. Enjoy the convenience with us!

Install the JexMovers App and enjoy the variety of food options from many of our partner stores and restaurants in the city. List of products and its updated price are also provided for easy reference.

Open your app and place your order now.

Place your order in just few finger snaps

To order using the JEXMOVERS App, follow the steps indicated below:

  1. Select the food/drinks/grocery category using the icon buttons.
  2. Choose the item/s you want to order.
  3. Add to cart and indicate the quantity of your order using the plus (+) sign.
  4. To check- out, fill in the needed information such as the delivery address and contact details.
  5. Wait for the available driver to respond to your order.